S.No. Name From To
1 Mrs.Satyam Singh 2020 2021
3 Mrs. Reena Justin 2021 Till Date


“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things”

Education is incomplete unless it builds the character and behaviour of a child. I hope such initiatives will help us in achieving our goal of preparing better citizens of tomorrow.

As an educationist I strongly believe that students should actively examine their surroundings and the universe practically through trial and error, practically testing theoretical hypotheses.

Learning takes place very naturally and normally if a suitable ecosystem for it is developed.

Students should not just be prepared for the examinations rather they should be educated in a manner which enables them to solve their day to day problems and add purpose to their lives.

To sum up, I would state that with the changes in different fields education needs to be modified to make it suitable for the 21st century students. Our education system should be child-centric and students should be encouraged to think out of the box. The role of teachers and parents will be crucial.

The deepest desire of HITKARINI CHILDREN ACADEMY is to serve the society by moulding the young minds into efficient administrators, able technocrats and successful business leaders of tomorrow. To this end all along the school management has endeavored to create a world class educational institution that is complete in every way. The HCA School has/will always offer its very best to the students.

“The road to success is not to be run upon seven league boots. Step by step little by little, bit by bit that is the way to wisdom and that is the way to glory.”


BSc , B.Ed , M.A(English) , CTET.


Hitkarini Children Academy

Dumna Road, Jabalpur