Our Journey had a humble beginning in 2020 with handful children but with a dream of a successful tomorrow; it is motivated by a singular philosophy, i.e., right to education for all. The HCA Dumna School implemented inclusive policy by evolving a three – way communication: teacher – parents, students and management.

It is this trust that will eventually transform our school children into pillars of the nation tomorrow.


OUTDOOR LEARNING:- We believe that outdoor learning is an important part of a good childhood and is also important in raising standards within the school. Teachers integrate outdoor learning within their lesson plans right across the curriculum.

English Conversation Classes:- English conversation development classes has been designed with an intention to develop the language skills of children at an early age. We focus on building each student’s language proficiency and confidence, right from the beginning.

Personality Development classes:- We have designed the classes in this manner to improve public speaking skills of the children. It is specially framed to endow with personal etiquettes, body language, good sense of dressing and hairstyle, attitude, behavioural pattern, feelings positive approach and a realistic attitude to face this competitive world in effective manner.    

Sanskar :- Dr. Sarvepalli radhakrishnan believed that “Merely taking a degree is not much important to turn out as a true human being matters more.” We’re happy to say that our programme is based on the same vision , through this we teach the students virtues of life.

MOTTO:-The HCA DUMNA School motto of “A continuous quest for excellence” is at the core of comprehensive and intensive co-curricular planning, which is customized for kindergarten, primary, middle classes. These are designed and balanced with academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond subjects.